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 History 12

History 12 is the study of world history from the end of the Great War in 1919 to the end of the Cold War in 1991. We will study important theme such as Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Communism and the Soviet Union, Fascism & Nazism, WWII, The Cold War including Vietnam and US domestic history, and China ,the Middle East and India. Students will also be asked to write an original research paper over the course of the semester.

History 12  Units

Unit 1: Europe to 1933

Unit 2: Rise of Fascism & WWII 1933-1945

Unit 3: The Cold War 1945-1991

Research Essay

History 12 Downloads

1. History 12 Course Outline

2. Unit 1 Europe to 1933  Study Guide

3. Unit 2 WWII Study Guide

4. Unit 3 Cold War Study Guide

5. Research Essay

History 12 Resources

History 12  UNITS 1 &2


History 12 UNITS 3

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