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 Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11 is the study of Canadian history during the 20th Century. Major historical topics include the World Wars, the Cold War, Canada’s independence, Quebec , First Nations, the Great Depression, and social and economic change. Social Studies 11 also includes a study of the functioning of Canadian Government and a look at human geography. Social Studies 11 does have a Provincial Exam worth 20% of the course mark.

 SS11 Units

Unit 1: The Great War 1914-1918

Unit 2: Canadian Government

Unit 3: The Inter-War Years 1919-1939

Unit 4: World War II 1939-1945

Unit 5: The Cold War 1945-1991

Unit 6: Quebec, First Nations, & Canada After the Cold             War 1900-2000

Unit 7: Human Geography

Unit 8: Provincial Exam Review

 SS11 Downloads

1. SS11 Course Outline

2. Unit 1 Great War Study Guide

3. Unit 2 Government Study Guide A

4. Unit 2 Government Study Guide B

5. Unit 3 Interwar Years Study Guide

6. Unit 4 World War II Study Guide A

7. Unit 4 World War II Study Guide B

8. Unit 5 Cold War Study Guide A

9. Unit 5 Cold War Study Guide B

10. Unit 6 Quebec & First Nations Study Guide

11. Unit 7 Human Geography Study Guide A

12. Unit 7 Human Geography Study Guide B

13. Unit 7 Human Geography Study Guide C

14. Unit 8 Provincial Exam Review

 SS11 Resources


Great War 1914-18:

Great War 1914-18: Library & Archives Canada

Great War 1914-18: Canadian War Museum

Great War 1914-18: Great War Project

Great War 1914-18: Vimy Memorial

Great War 1914-18: War Graves Commission

Government: Canadian Government Site

Government: Canadian Services For You

Government: Structure

Government: Our Parliament

Government: Canadian Political Parties

Government: Taxpayers Federation (NGO)

Interwar Years: Depression in Pictures

Interwar Years: Great Depression

Interwar Years: John Maynard Keynes

World War II 1939-45:Juno Beach Centre

World War II 1939-45: Canada’s Role


Cold War 1945-91: Gouzenko to Gorbachev

Cold War 1945-91: Diefenbunker

Cold War 1945-91: Great Canadian Flag Debate

Quebec & First Nations: First Nations

Quebec & First Nations: 1980 Referendum

Human Geography: World Population

Human Geography: Living Standards

Human Geography: World Bank

Provincial Exam 06/07 (pdf)

Provincial Exam 06/07 answer key (pdf)

Provincial Exam 07/08 (pdf)

Provincial Exam 07/08 answer key (pdf)

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