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 Social Studies 9 NEW

Social Studies 9 covers Canadian and World History from 1750 to 1919 and Canadian Geography. Students will be expected to learn content and core competencies over 5 Units as listed below. Each unit will have a test, homework studyguide package, and a project or two.

 SS9 Units

 SS9 Downloads


2. Unit 1 Geography Study Guide

3. Unit 2 English Civil War Study Guide

4. Unit 3 American Revolution Study Guide

5. Unit 4 French Revolution Study Guide

6. Unit 5 Industrial Revolution Study Guide

7.  Unit 6 Cdn Government Study Guide

8. Unit 7 Expanding West Study Guide

9. Unit 8 The Great War Study Guide

10. Parent Letter

 SS9 Resources

English Civil War: BBC History

English Civil War: A History Site

French Revolution: Spark Notes

Industrial Revolution: History Channel (USA)

Industrial Revolution: Keyboard Cat

First Nations: Canadian Govt. Site

New France: Virtual Museum

New France: Archives Canada

BC & West: Captain Cook

American Revolution: Canadian Encyclopedia

Gary (collectible motovational poster)

Hey kids…it;s Gary!

Unit 1: Geography


Unit 2: English Civil War 1642-1949


Unit 3: American Revolution 1756-1783

Unit 4: French Revolution 1774-1793

Unit 5: Industrial Revolution 1700-1900

Unit 6: Canadian Government 1800-1867

Unit 7: Expanding West 1800-1900

Unit 8: The Great War 1914-1918